Step 1. Download the Join WeGo™ App


The Join WeGo™ app works exclusively with the WeGo™ line of activity trackers: HYBRID, CLIP, SPOT, ELITE, and ACTIVE. Powered by MapMyFitness, the app enables you to view your daily, weekly and monthly stats.

The Join WeGo™ app works with Android and Apple mobile devices. Click on the corresponding icon below to download the app:

App Store   Google Play

Click here to learn more about the Join WeGo™ App’s compatibility.

Step 2. Create your account


An account with Join WeGo™ app will allow you track your activities for a happier, healthier you!

All Day Tracking
Wear your WeGo™ device all day to learn how much you move, and how well you sleep

Easy To Use
Easily track your daily accomplishments, such as calories, distance, steps, sleep, and active minutes

Accessible Data
Upload data to the Join WeGo™ app whenever you want. View it daily, weekly, or monthly details at any time.

View, analyze, and share your achievements with other WeGo™ users

Step 3. Sync your WeGo™ Device

For information on syncing your device to the Join WeGo™ App, start by finding your product below. The easy instructions will help you get on your way toward a happy, healthy lifestyle!


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